Natural Explorers: Reflections

Our first few weeks have been about learning to be together! We have done many activities and explorations designed to foster the building of this learning community.

GREEN! Summer leaves are green; grass is green; moss is green. So many shades of green. Weexplored green with paint, bee’s wax crayons, and collage materials.

FOXES! “Silent Fox” is a symbol we use to focus attention. We read many fox stories and talkedabout fiction and nonfiction, types of foxes, and fox facts. We made a list of what we need andwhat foxes need. “Foxes don’t need clothes to keep warm. They have fur.” “Foxes live in dens!” “A fox needs water.” “And food! Foxes need food!” “What do foxes eat?” We used the classroom loose parts (blocks, fabric, gems, tables, chairs) to build fox habitats –small scale and then kid scale. Friends were learning to work together and share classroom resources.

MEASURING! What began as a “find something longer/taller than this ruler” and then “find something shorter than this ruler” challenge evolved into listing, counting and measuring. So much exploration overseveral days! “The chairs is taller than the ruler!” “This pencil is shorter.” “My stuffie is seven long” Then friends started asking, “How tall am I?”

Another day we learned that a fox’s tail can be as long as 22 inches. We counted off 22 inches and cut pieces of yarn to the length of a fox’s tail. We found things longer and shorter. “Hey, I’m taller than a fox’s tail.” “We are all taller than a fox’s tail!” Then we tried to make a line of wood blocks that would be the same length as a fox’s tail. It was a challenge to find the combination of blocks that would match.

WILD GOOSE FARM! So much joy in the woods. The children bring their imaginations, creativity and energy. It was magical! Stick play was definitely a favorite. Transporting sticks, buying and selling sticks at the stick store, swinging sticks, breaking sticks, jumping with sticks, using sticks as a tool – so many things to be done with a stick!

CLIMATE RALLY! These young people did an amazing thing – giving voice to what to what they value!

Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable – Kenyan Proverb

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